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Top Rated Hotels for Golfers in Atlantic City

Tropicana #1 Pick for GolfersPlanning a golf trip to Atlantic City includes selecting the hotel that best fits your groups needs.  The factors include, location, amenities and price to keep it simple.

From a location perspective you can choose to stay in Atlantic City, or on the Black or White Horse Pikes closer to the golf courses.

The casinos and hotels in Atlantic City are generally more expensive but give you a much higher degree of amenities.  Casinos like Revel, Borgata, Golden Nugget, Tropicana etc have lots of restaurants and bars, live entertainment, gaming, large health & fitness centers, spas and are located near other casino hotels in Atlantic City.  Here are our recommended choices for this category.

Our Casino Picks

1. Tropicana - the Quarter is an amazing place to come back to after a round of golf, lots of action and choices from Hooters to Boogie Nights.  Hotel is on the boardwalk with direct beach access, perfect for golfers who want action.

2. Golden Nugget - located across from Harrah's and Borgata the GN is right on the water and has several great restaurants and live entertainment.  Live Bar features live music nightly and the season "deck" is a great place to hang out.  Close to the Links at Brigantine Beach golf course if you decide to play there. Great place for your group.

You can also stay at a hotel without a casino in town, these should be less expensive but offer unique features the casino can't, check out these choices below.

Hotels in Atlantic City Recommendations

1. Blue Green Resort at Atlantic Palace - this is an all suite resort on the Boardwalk, each golfer shares his own suite and these rooms are great for hosting card games, watching a sporting event on TV and others types of shenanigans.  Rooms have large refrigerators and kitchens among other amenities. There is an outdoor pool, game room and exits on the boardwalk.  Directly across from Strip Clubs and bars.

2. Chelsea Hotel and the Annex - this hotel is located steps away from the Tropicana Quarter and features a large outdoor pool area, 2 bars, great Steakhouse, a spa, and is very modern.  May be a bit more expensive but very nice.

3. Courtyard by Marriott - this is great option, has it's own lobby bar and breakfast buffet and is across from AC Bar and Grill a great local hang out offering cold beverages and fantastic seafood.  They have plenty of great hotel features and sometimes will give you the conference room to play cards and utilize as a hospitality room for your group.

The cheapest option is stay at motels on the White or Black Horse pikes just a short drive to the golf courses and boardwalk.  These are good options for you and are are known to be the cheapest Hotels in the Atlantic City area.

Choices Outside of Town

1. Ramada Atlantic City West - offers free breakfast each morning and is close enough to AC and easy to get the area golf courses.  Family owned and always clean and affordable.  Next door to Golf Pro Shop with indoor net, equipment and supplies.  Good one.

2. Comfort Inn and Suites - located on Lakes Bay this hotel offers free breakfast each morning with great views and plenty of parking.  Similar to Ramada, this one is affordable and close to everything.

When planning your next Atlantic City golf vacation, use these this information to help you gather the information you need for a successful trip.  Have fun and we will see you at the Jersey Shore.